Journal of Australian Postgraduate Research

Three Minute Thesis

Dr Rachel Westcott (1)
(1) Engine Room Solutions
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Accepted: -
Published: 18/12/2019
Keywords: Bushfire, Fire-fit


It is widely acknowledged that preparedness for bushfires, and other hazards, is persistently too low. My research is about building a culture of preparedness – to be “fire-fit” – as a routine part of everyday life – as routine as buying the groceries or putting fuel in a car. It becomes a ‘social norm’ that can help save human life.


This document is being used by Engine Room Solutions for testing DOI production, prior to launching our Journal of Australian Postgraduate Research. It is the text of a Three Minute Thesis presentation by Dr Rachel Westcott given at the Bushfire & Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre’s Research Showcase in Adelaide, South Australia, in July 2017. The audio is available at: